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Allison Island

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Allison Island is one of the many treasures of the Miami-Dade County. Located inside the Indian Creek water of La Gorce, this cozy neighborhood is one of the hotspots for luxury real estate in Miami. What you will see in Allison Island is a great collection of waterfront luxury homes and condos and other extravagant Miami real estate properties. There are simply no luxury real estate properties in Allison Island lacking an ocean view, making the site an excellent choice for homebuyers looking for an easy ticket to the open seas. And with a mixture of both Eastern and Western design, the luxury real estate properties in the area definitely cater to a broad range of tastes.

Bal Harbour

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Among the many luxury neighborhoods of Miami Beach nothing strikes the ears of Miami's would-be residents greater then Bal Harbour. Known for its world-class shopping scene, Bal Harbour is the paradigm for residential elegance. With a slew of luxury homes and Miami luxury condos, the neighborhood is a hotbed for lavish residential choices that suit the standards of a variety of homebuyers. The residential options in the neighborhood are plenty: from single-family luxury real estate properties to towering condos, there is simply no shortage of available homes in Bal Harbour. Take a peek at what this luxe area offers and discover a variety of luxury real estate properties waiting to be considered.

Bay Harbour

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Saying Bay Harbour is cozy is an understatement. Among other things, Bay Harbour is one of the several sought-after luxury neighborhoods in the city known for its rich and vibrant community and a number of residential choices ranging from luxury homes and condos to apartments. The neighborhood is a prime choice for residents planning to start a family and even singles looking for a new place to begin anew-it's definitely a friendly place for all types of homebuyers. And with excellent proximity to other thrilling neighborhoods of the Miami-Dade County, Bay Harbour indeed provides all the comforts any luxury real estate hotspot offers.

Fisher Island

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There is probably no place in Miami Beach more popular than Fisher Island. This popularity stems from the intense privacy surrounding the island. As one of the famous residential areas in the city, Fisher Island offers luxury homes and other luxury real estate properties like no other place in the city. From oceanfront luxury real estate to inland properties, the Fisher Island luxury homes available are unrivaled and exceptional. Fisher Island is filled with lavish properties and exciting private amenities that only residents can take advantage of, and these amenities are some of the primary reasons why many luxury homebuyers are still considering Fisher Island as their top choice.

Golden Beach

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If you are looking for upscale real estate properties, Golden Beach is definitely the neighborhood for you. As one of the primary luxury locations in the city, Golden Beach is teeming with luxury homes and luxury condos easily accessible to a wide-variety of homebuyers. Even if you are just looking for a much larger space than what you have right now, Golden Beach luxury real estate properties can definitely cater to your needs. The area also provides several amenities that will certainly fit your preferences. From major entertainment and shopping centers to beneficial proximity to major air-travel portals, the neighborhood offers more than the standard fare to residents and movers alike.

Indian Creek

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When residents of Miami hear the words Indian Creek, luxury immediately comes to mind. As one of the highest-income places in the United States, Indian Creek certainly sets the bar for luxury and comfort. This wealthy village located in the Miami-Dade County offers a great many selections of luxury homes and even high-rise upscale condominiums for buyers looking for a way to break free from the usual constraints of homeownership. The luxury real estate properties in Indian Creek are the crème-de-la-crème of Miami's luxury real estate market and the neighborhood offers the best security for its residents, making it the most sought-after location for high-end luxury homebuyers looking for top-notch privacy and protection.

La Gorce Island

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This gated residential neighborhood is an excellent source of oceanfront luxury real estate properties and inland homes set in a backdrop of lush tropical setting. The homes in La Gorce Island are a combination of single-family homes and larger luxury estates. The views from different areas of the island also differ: At the southwest corner of La Gorce Island, residents enjoy the magnificent seascape across Biscayne Bay and the spectacular vista of Miami's skyline. Homebuyers can discover a wide range of luxury real estate properties in La Gorce Island. And because of the neighborhood's openness to buyers, the luxury homes in La Gorce Island are certainly accessible.

Lincoln Road

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For travelers, Lincoln Road is the home of Miami's best pizza. But for homebuyers, the neighborhood is one of the principal sources of luxury real estate properties. The luxury homes and condos in this area are among Miami's best. Envisioned primarily as Miami's counterpart to New York's Fifth Avenue, Lincoln Road is one of the most posh sites in the city. It is home not only to superb Miami luxury real estate properties, but exciting spots and activity centers as well. From restaurants to shopping centers, this stunning neighborhood certainly proves to be one of the best choices for luxury homebuyers.

Mid Beach (north)

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Mid Beach is one of the many oceanfront neighborhoods of Miami. This magnificent residential and tourist destination offers a slew of attractions. For residents, the area offers a wide variety of luxury homes and other Miami luxury real estate properties. These houses are among the most sought-after properties in the city because of their prime location. And since the area offers easy access to some of the most exciting amenities, including popular hospitality establishments, Mid Beach definitely proves to be one of the most attractive choices of location for many homebuyers.

Mid Beach (south)

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What makes Mid Beach striking is the renown that goes with the name and residents can attain. As a popular affluent neighborhood, Mid Beach is a real-estate mecca of high-end luxury real estate properties, including some of the most posh homes in the city. The area offers a quiet change from the fast-paced city life of Downtown Miami and South Beach. With its cozy atmosphere and easy access to the beach, Mid Beach is a major hotspot for people looking for peaceful respite. And these benefits surely reflect in the lifestyle of many residents of Mid Beach.

North Bay Road – Alton Road

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Luxury homes and other luxury real estate properties in North Bay Road offer some of the most adored advantages to residents. Aside from being situated on a wide bay, North Bay luxury homes also offer spectacular vistas of the famous Downtown Miami. The nature of the neighborhood's location made it a great home for a combination of properties. There are stunning oceanfront luxury real estate properties in the city as well as inland luxury homes. The inventory of Miami real estate properties available in North Bay Road is definitely helpful in expanding any homebuyer's coffer of luxury homes to consider.

North Bay Village

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This unique three-island community used to be a haven for winter residents. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive residential neighborhoods in Miami. The three islands of North Bay Village-North Bay Island, Harbor Island and Treasure Island-are linked by the John F. Kennedy Causeway. Yet even if the neighborhood is a triptych of alluring residential communities, it offers excellent access to some of the major amenities and public areas of the Miami-Dade County, including airports, the Downtown Miami, and most importantly, several beaches. The luxury homes and luxury condos of North Bay Village also make for excellent real-estate choices for homebuyers. There are simply several houses to choose from in its three islands.

North Beach

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North Beach is one of the primary cynosures of luxury real estate properties in Miami. Like Millionaire's Row, North Beach has been undergoing major residential facelifts owing to the many developers putting up high-rise luxury condos and other luxury homes around the neighborhood. From high-end waterfront homes and residential monoliths, North Beach certainly offers everything that any homebuyer will need to make their collection of homes for consideration more robust and beneficial. And since North Beach is packed with upscale commercial establishments, homebuyers and future residents will surely find the neighborhood an excellent location to add to their must-visits.

South of Fifth (SoFi)

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South Beach has always been one of the prime choices for those who crave a fun-filled lifestyle when they settle down or those who just want to enjoy a traditional vacation in South Florida. South of Fifth (SoFi) is an upscale neighborhood located in the southern tip of South Beach -- offering residents and tourists a chance to enjoy lavish entertainment and fun-filled amenities ranging from elegant restaurants to various recreational attractions for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll; or ravage the exotic nightlife offered by many of the recreational fronts in the area.

Aside from the well-known fun-filled attractions in South of Fifth (SoFi), the main attractions are the high-end condos that cater to the modern needs of home owners and renters. Luxurious condos are made available for residential -- catering to the needs of modern housing with high-end facilities and amenities; as well as an investment for hardy entrepreneurs looking for a solid asset to put their money on. Many of these condos offer a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay, as well as the magnificent luster of the Atlantic enjoyed by many who take advantage of high-rise condos as their homes in the area.

South Beach (SoBe)

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South Beach (SoBe) is practically one of the most popular tourist destinations in this side of the Florida coast. Well known for its resorts, bars, beaches, and more -- South Beach definitely brags luxury for those who crave for one.

Most of the people in South Beach are tourists -- staying in the many high-end, modern condominiums and resorts since most of the fun is practically found in the locale. Celebrities are seen to enjoy the many attractions of South Beach, and both locals and foreign visitor flock to malls, shops, and of course, the sandy white beaches just to relax and have some quality time to get rid of the stress of everyday modern lifestyle.

Unlike modern tourist attractions, South Beach maintains its exotic air with the presence of the Art Deco district. Many visitors, as well as locals marvel at the distinct architecture that lines the busy stress that only seem to enhance the modern atmosphere of this popular hotspot. Also, luxurious real estate properties -- like condos -- offer modern convenience for those who crave a more elegant and convenient lifestyle during their stay.

Star, Palm & Hibiscus Islands

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There is a good reason why Star Island is so named. Many residents of this island comprise of celebrities, musicians and other famous personalities. It is indeed the home to many stars and luxury homes in this area are definitely worthy of consideration. Located in the Biscayne Bay, Star Island offers some of the great views and excellent privacy for its residents. On the west side of this island are two other excellent luxury real estate meccas: Palm Island and Hibiscus Island. These neighborhoods offer a wide selection of waterfront luxury homes enclosed within private gated communities that offer the best amenities to its residents. From tennis courts to playgrounds and more, these islands offer the best taste of luxury.


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The beautiful Surfside is known as the home for various music acts, concerts and some of the hottest attractions this side of South Florida. Its proximal distance to Miamis other famous hotspot makes it an appealing location for many homebuyers. But this dynamic appeal is balanced with a tranquil and serene atmosphere from its famous mile-long power-white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Luxury real estate properties in Surfside are plenty and buyers will definitely have a lot to choose from. From single-family luxury homes and some luxury condos and rental properties, Surfside offers some of the most attractive selection for future residents.

Sunny Isles Beach

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Sunny Isles Beach has been one of the hottest addressed in South Florida. The area features exciting hotspots for entertainment and recreation. This neighborhood has been known to welcome thousands of visitors each year due to its excellent tropical climate and beaches. For those planning to move in to Sunny Isles Beach, the neighborhood offers a wide collection of luxury real estate properties, from traditional and luxurious single-family homes to world-renown high-rise residential towers or condos. The area also provides tremendous convenience with its location: Many other exciting locations in Miami, including Bal Harbour and Downtown Miami, are just minutes away from Sunny Isles Beach. These advantages certainly make Sunny Isles an excellent choice for homebuyers.

Sunset Islands

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Homebuyers looking into the housing market of Sunset Islands should expect to see a myriad of luxury real estate choices. Located off Miami's western shoreline in Biscayne Bay, Sunset Islands is actually a collection of four islands. The majority of luxury homes in Sunset Islands are waterfront properties. Although there are inland luxury homes in the area, homebuyers visiting the neighborhood should expect to see a lot of bayfront homes. But that definitely does not affect the number of choices. There are simply plenty of luxury real estate properties to choose from in the area. And the close proximity of Sunset Islands to Downtown Miami and Miami Beach makes it a superb choice for future residents.

Venetian Islands

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The man-made island, Venetian Islands, has been the paragon of luxury for several years. It is home to several neighborhoods that feature only the best luxury homes South Florida can offer. Each area of Venetian Islands is packed with waterfront homes as well as luxury inland homes. The luxury real estate properties of the area are top-notch and peerless. The islands themselves offer more than majestic homes, but other exciting amenities and luxury commercial establishments as well. From shopping districts to activity centers and beaches, Venetian Islands definitely provides homebuyers with several reasons to buy a home.

West Avenue

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West Avenue is the place where one can relax, sit down and grab a bite while enjoying a lazy afternoon. As a popular tourist spot in South Beach, West Avenue is a peaceful haven for locals and tourists. Although West Avenue is not a historic district, it still exudes a unique aesthetic that is common to all neighborhoods of Miami. And for homebuyers, West Avenue also provides a rich collection of luxury condos and other luxury real estate properties. Residents enjoy a quiet life in West Avenue. But the beating heart of Miamis nightlife certainly extends to this spectacular neighborhood. Located between Alton Road and Biscayne Bay, West Avenue is certainly another luxury real estate enclave any homebuyer should not miss.

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